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For dating objects of Art and Cultural Heritage the Tandem Laboratory follows the UNESCO convention on trade in antiquities (see information at

Which materials can be analysed?

Typical materials are charcoal, wood, macrofossil, burnt bone, unburnt bone, sediment, peat, carbonate, foraminifera, textiles, leather, water and iron. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you want to make sure that the sample material is suitable for dating.

How long does a measurement take?

Our aim is to handle all samples within a maximum of four working weeks. During periods of high workload, however, it may take longer.

How much sample material do I need to submit?

Among other things, it depends on the material the sample consists of and how well preserved the material is. For some materials 1 milligram (mg) is enough, in other cases 1000 mg is needed. Please contact us if you wish to discuss how much material you should submit. 

How much does it cost?

Price list

How do I submit samples?

Each sample must be marked with the same name on the packaging as on the sample form. The sample should be well-sealed, for example in a closable plastic bag or test tube. Note that the sample form and the packaging with the sample must not be attached onto each other, and the sample should not be packaged in aluminium foil.

You can send your sample as a letter or as a parcel, depending on the size of the sample. Addresses can be found on the sample form and below.

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