Material modification by ion beams

Ion beams can be used in a variety of ways to manipulate material properties. In the ion physics group we make use of ion implantation in mainly semiconducting materials to achieve specific dopant concentrations, or to create ohmic contacts in materials.

We can also use the technique to amorphize single crystalline materials and investigate e.g. their annealing behaviour.

Besides that, we can also test radiation hardness of materials, as e.g. electronic components on spacecrafts, since our accelerators can effectively simulate cosmic radiation.​


  • Chulapakorn, Thawatchart; Sychugov, Ilya; Suvanam, Sethu Saveda; Linnros, Jan et al.

    MeV Ion Irradiation Effects on the Luminescence Properties of Si-implanted SiO2-thin Films

    Part of Physica Status Solidi. C, Current topics in solid state physics, p. 921-926, 2016.