Publikationer i urval

Publikationslistan hämtas från universitetets publikationsdatabas DiVA. Listan inkluderar endast publikationer skrivna av medarbetare vid Tandemlaboratoriet eller Jonfysik. Publikationer där Tandemlaboratoriet eller dess medarbetare nämns i ”Acknowledgement” ingår inte.

  • Bakhit, Babak; Palisaitis, Justinas; Wu, Zhengtao; Sortica, Mauricio A. et al.

    Age hardening in superhard ZrB2-rich Zr1-xTaxBy thin films

    Ingår i Scripta Materialia, s. 120-125, 2021.

    Open access
  • Qiao, Jixin; Zhang, Haitao; Steier, Peter; Hain, Karin et al.

    An unknown source of reactor radionuclides in the Baltic Sea revealed by multi-isotope fingerprints

    Ingår i Nature Communications, 2021.

    Open access
  • Pitthan, Eduardo; Moro, Marta; Correa, Sandra Aparecida; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Assessing boron quantification and depth profiling of different boride materials using ion beams

    Ingår i Surface & Coatings Technology, 2021.

    Open access
  • Kantre, Karim-Alexandros; Moro, Marcos Vinicius; Paneta, Valentina; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Assessing electronic energy loss of heavy ions detected in reflection geometry

    Ingår i Surface and Interface Analysis, s. 650-657, 2021.

    Open access
  • Martens, Jannik; Romankevich, Evgeny; Semiletov, Igor; Wild, Birgit et al.

    CASCADE: The Circum-Arctic Sediment CArbon DatabasE

    Ingår i Earth System Science Data, s. 2561-2572, 2021.

    Open access
  • Kantre, Karim-Alexandros; Szabo, P. S.; Moro, Marcos V.; Cupak, C. et al.

    Combination of in-situ ion beam analysis and thermal desorption spectroscopy for studying deuterium implanted in tungsten

    Ingår i Physica Scripta, 2021.

    Open access
  • Mathayan, Vairavel; Sortica, Mauricio A.; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Determining the chronological sequence of inks deposited with different writing and printing tools using ion beam analysis

    Ingår i Journal of Forensic Sciences, s. 1401-1409, 2021.

    Open access
  • Calamba, K. M.; Salamania, J.; Joesaar, M. P. Johansson; Johnson, L. J. S. et al.

    Effect of nitrogen vacancies on the growth, dislocation structure, and decomposition of single crystal epitaxial (Ti1-xAlx)N-y thin films

    Ingår i Acta Materialia, 2021.

    Open access
  • Ström, Petter; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Energy deposition by nonequilibrium charge states of MeV 127I in Au

    Ingår i Physical Review A. Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, 2021.

    Open access
  • Moldarev, Dmitrii; Stolz, Levin; Moro, Marcos V.; Aðalsteinsson, Sigurbjörn M. et al.

    Environmental dependence of the photochromic effect of oxygen-containing rare-earth metal hydrides

    Ingår i Journal of Applied Physics, 2021.

    Open access
  • Moro, M. , V; Wolf, Philipp; Brückner, Bettina; Munnik, F. et al.

    Experimental electronic stopping cross section of tungsten for light ions in a large energy interval

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 1-8, 2021.

    Open access
  • Zheng, Minjie; Sturevik Storm, Anna; Nilsson, Andreas; Adolphi, Florian et al.

    Geomagnetic dipole moment variations for the last glacial period inferred from cosmogenic radionuclides in Greenland ice cores via disentangling the climate and production signals

    Ingår i Quaternary Science Reviews, 2021.

    Open access
  • Villamayor, Michelle Marie S.; Lindblad, Andreas; Johansson, Fredrik; Tran, Tuan et al.

    Growth of two-dimensional WS2 thin films by reactive sputtering

    Ingår i Vacuum, 2021.

    Open access
  • Chen, Peng; Yu, Zhongbo; Czymzik, Markus; Aldahan, Ala et al.

    Holocene monsoon dynamics at Kunlun Pass on the northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

    Ingår i Science of the Total Environment, 2021.

  • Komander, Kristina; Moro, Marcos V.; Saha, Jitendra; Wolff, Max et al.

    Hydrogen induced lattice expansion and site occupation analyzed by ion beam methods

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 63-67, 2021.

  • Bruckner, Barbara; Wolf, Philipp; Bauer, Peter; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Impact of the experimental approach on the observed electronic energy loss for light keV ions in thin self-supporting films

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 82-87, 2021.

    Open access
  • Kretschmer, Andreas; Kirnbauer, Alexander; Moraes, Vincent; Primetzhofer, Daniel et al.

    Improving phase stability, hardness, and oxidation resistance of reactively magnetron sputtered (Al,Cr,Nb,Ta,Ti)N thin films by Si-alloying

    Ingår i Surface & Coatings Technology, 2021.

    Open access
  • Shu, Rui; Lundin, Daniel; Xin, Binbin; Sortica, Mauricio A. et al.

    Influence of Metal Substitution and Ion Energy on Microstructure Evolution of High-Entropy Nitride (TiZrTaMe)N1-x (Me = Hf, Nb, Mo, or Cr) Films

    Ingår i ACS APPLIED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, s. 2748-2756, 2021.

    Open access
  • Fuger, C.; Schwartz, B.; Wojcik, T.; Moraes, V et al.

    Influence of Ta on the oxidation resistance of WB2-z coatings

    Ingår i Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2021.

    Open access
  • Ström, Petter; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    In-situ measurement of diffusion and surface segregation of W and Ta in bare and W-coated EUROFER97 during thermal annealing

    Ingår i Nuclear Materials and Energy, 2021.

    Open access
  • Tran, Tuan; Lavoie, Christian; Zhang, Zhen; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    In-situ nanoscale characterization of composition and structure during formation of ultrathin nickel silicide

    Ingår i Applied Surface Science, 2021.

    Open access
  • Fritze, Stefan; Chen, M.; Riekehr, Lars; Osinger, Barbara et al.

    Magnetron sputtering of carbon supersaturated tungsten films-A chemical approach to increase strength

    Ingår i Materials & design, 2021.

    Open access
  • Chang, Jui-Che; Eriksson, Fredrik; Sortica, Mauricio A.; Greczynski, Grzegorz et al.

    Orthorhombic Ta3-xN5-yOy thin films grown by unbalanced magnetron sputtering: The role of oxygen on structure, composition, and optical properties

    Ingår i Surface & Coatings Technology, 2021.

    Open access
  • Moro, Marcos V.; Aðalsteinsson, Sigurbjörn Már; Tran, Tuan; Moldarev, Dmitrii et al.

    Photochromic Response of Encapsulated Oxygen-Containing Yttrium Hydride Thin Films

    Ingår i Physica Status Solidi. Rapid Research Letters, 2021.

    Open access
  • Holeňák, Radek; Lohmann, Svenja; Sekula, F.; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Simultaneous assessment of energy, charge state and angular distribution for medium energy ions interacting with ultra-thin self-supporting targets: A time-of-flight approach

    Ingår i Vacuum, 2021.

    Open access
  • Zheng, Minjie; Adolphi, Florian; Sjolte, Jesper; Aldahan, Ala et al.

    Solar Activity of the Past 100 Years Inferred From Be-10 in Ice Cores-Implications for Long-Term Solar Activity Reconstructions

    Ingår i Geophysical Research Letters, 2021.

    Open access
  • Zheng, Minjie; Sjolte, Jesper; Adolphi, Florian; Aldahan, Ala et al.

    Solar and meteorological influences on seasonal atmospheric Be-7 in Europe for 1975 to 2018

    Ingår i Chemosphere, 2021.

  • Karimi Aghda, Soheil; Music, Denis; Unutulmazsoy, Yeliz; Han Sua, Heng et al.

    Unravelling the ion-energy-dependent structure evolution and its implications for the elastic properties of (V,Al)N thin films

    Ingår i Acta Materialia, 2021.

    Open access
  • Tonkov, Spassimir; Possnert, Göran; Bozilova, Elissaveta

    46.Lake Panichishte, Rila Mountains (Bulgaria)

    Ingår i Grana, s. 396-398, 2020.

  • Correa, S. A.; Pitthan, Eduardo; Moro, M. , V; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    A multipurpose set-up using keV ions for nuclear reaction analysis, high -resolution backscattering spectrometry, low-energy PIXE and in-situ irradiation experiments

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 104-110, 2020.

  • Keuter, Philipp; Ravensburg, Anna L.; Hans, Marcus; Aghda, Soheil Karimi et al.

    A Proposal for a Composite with Temperature-Independent Thermophysical Properties: HfV2-HfV2O7

    Ingår i Materials, 2020.

    Open access
  • Sortica, Mauricio A.; Linnarsson, Margareta K.; Wessman, Dan; Lohmann, Svenja et al.

    A versatile time-of-flight medium-energy ion scattering setup using multiple delay-line detectors

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 16-20, 2020.

  • Vybornov, Aleksandr A.; Vasilyeva, Irina N.; Kulkova, Marianna A.; Oinonen, Markku et al.

    About ancient ceramic traditions of the population of the northern Caspian region


    Open access
  • Lohmann, Svenja; Niggas, Anna; Charnay, Vincent; Holeňák, Radek et al.

    Assessing electron emission induced by pulsed ion beams: a time-of-flight approach

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 217-221, 2020.

    Open access
  • Evertz, Simon; Pruente, Stephan; Patterer, Lena; Marshal, Amalraj et al.

    Boron Concentration Induced Co-Ta-B Composite Formation Observed in the Transition from Metallic to Covalent Glasses

    Ingår i Condensed Matter, 2020.

    Open access
  • Xing, Shan; Hou, Xiaolin; Shi, Keliang; Aldahan, Ala et al.

    Circulation of Circumpolar Deep Water and marine environment traced by I-127 and I-129 speciation in the Amundsen Sea Polynya, Antarctica

    Ingår i Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 2020.

  • Holeňák, Radek; Lohmann, Svenja; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Contrast modes in a 3D ion transmission approach at keV energies

    Ingår i Ultramicroscopy, 2020.

    Open access
  • Adalsteinsson, Sigurbjörn Már; Moro, Marcos V.; Moldarev, Dmitrii; Droulias, Sotiris et al.

    Correlating chemical composition and optical properties of photochromic rare-earth oxyhydrides using ion beam analysis

    Ingår i Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B, s. 36-40, 2020.

  • Glechner, T.; Lang, S.; Hahn, R.; Alfreider, M. et al.

    Correlation between fracture characteristics and valence electron concentration of sputtered Hf-C-N based thin films

    Ingår i Surface & Coatings Technology, 2020.

  • Lohmann, Svenja; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Disparate Energy Scaling of Trajectory-Dependent Electronic Excitations for Slow Protons and He Ions

    Ingår i Physical Review Letters, 2020.

    Open access
  • Szabo, Paul S.; Biber, Herbert; Jaeggi, Noah; Brenner, Matthias et al.

    Dynamic Potential Sputtering of Lunar Analog Material by Solar Wind Ions

    Ingår i Astrophysical Journal, 2020.

  • Shu, Rui; Paschalidou, Eirini-Maria; Rao, Smita G.; Bakhit, Babak et al.

    Effect of nitrogen content on microstructure and corrosion resistance of sputter-deposited multicomponent (TiNbZrTa)N-x films

    Ingår i Surface & Coatings Technology, 2020.

    Open access
  • Sorar, Idris; Welearegay, Tesfalem G.; Primetzhofer, Daniel; Österlund, Lars et al.

    Electrochromism in Ni Oxide Thin Films Made by Advanced Gas Deposition and Sputtering: A Comparative Study Demonstrating the Significance of Surface Effects

    Ingår i Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2020.

  • Atak, Gamze; Bayrak Pehlivan, Ilknur; Montero, José; Primetzhofer, Daniel et al.

    Electrochromism of nitrogen-doped tungsten oxide thin films

    Ingår i Materials Today, s. 2434-2439, 2020.

  • Bruckner, Barbara; Hans, Marcus; Nyberg, Tomas; Greczynski, Grzegorz et al.

    Electronic excitation of transition metal nitrides by light ions with keV energies

    Ingår i Journal of Physics, 2020.

  • Moro, Marcos V.; Bauer, P.; Primetzhofer, Daniel

    Experimental electronic stopping cross section of transition metals for light ions: Systematics around the stopping maximum

    Ingår i Physical Review A: covering atomic, molecular, and optical physics and quantum information, 2020.

    Open access
  • Szabo, P. S.; Biber, H.; Jäggi, N.; Wappl, M. et al.

    Experimental Insights Into Space Weathering of Phobos: Laboratory Investigation of Sputtering by Atomic and Molecular Planetary Ions

    Ingår i Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets, 2020.

    Open access
  • Lumetzberger, Julia; Buchner, Martin; Pile, Santa; Ney, Verena et al.

    Influence of structure and cation distribution on magnetic anisotropy and damping in Zn/Al doped nickel ferrites

    Ingår i Physical Review B, 2020.

    Open access
  • Mathayan, Vairavel; Moro, Marcos V.; Morita, Kenji; Tsuchiya, Bun et al.

    In-operando observation of Li depth distribution and Li transport in thin film Li ion batteries

    Ingår i Applied Physics Letters, 2020.

  • Tran, Tuan; Jablonka, Lukas; Lavoie, Christian; Zhang, Zhen et al.

    In-situ characterization of ultrathin nickel silicides using 3D mediumenergy ion scattering

    Ingår i Scientific Reports, 2020.