The Ångström Library is relocating


The Ångström Library is relocating to house 10 (the new house at Ångström Laboratory) and will open in new premises on February 7.

House 10, the new house at Ångström Laboratory.
House 10, the new house at Ångström Laboratory.

The week before the library opens in building 10, the relocation will be carried out in stages:

  • Jan 31 – Feb 2: The literature is transported. It is possible to borrow books that are still on the shelves. The self service machine is still available.
  • Feb 3 – Feb 6: The library is closed and it is not possible to borrow or return books. If you need to return books during this time, please visit one of our other libraries.
  • Feb 7: The library opens at house 10.
  • Feb 2: Makerspace och Visualisation lab are closed and might be partly unavailable Jan. 24 – Jan. 28, and Jan. 31 – Feb 4. Makerspace reopens in the new premises next to the library in building 10, Feb. 7 – Feb.10.

The Ångström Library will continue to be a library with self service, which means no staffed library desk. Please contact us via Ask the Library (Fråga biblioteket) for help via chat, e-mail or phone, weekdays 9 am-6 pm.

Find your way in the new library

The library is located at two levels. On the entrance level you will find course books and parts of the library book collection. You will also find shelves for books that you have ordered, including interlibrary loans. There will be a self-service machine for borrowing and returning books.

There will also be new attractive study places of different kinds, several group study rooms, a copying room and computers.

We are bringing the VR equipment, touch screens and a couple of other computers with special software from the Ångström Visualisation lab into the new library. We also plan for a recording studio.

Ångström Makerspace will continue to be managed by the library and run by student co-workers and will be relocated next to the library at the entry level in building 10.

At level K1 more than half of the library book collection will be placed and there will also be a self service machine for borrowing books. You return all books at the entry level.

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience and welcome you to the new premises in building 10!

Anna Leclér

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