Inauguration of EPS Historic Site


On Friday August 6, 2021, a new historic site within the field of physics was inaugurated, a so called EPS Historic Site, dedicated to the physicist Anders Jonas Ångström in the English Park in Uppsala.

Anders Jonas Ångström contributed in several of the fields of physics and is foremost known as one of the founders of optical spectroscopy. He is also known throughout the world for introducing a unit for light wavelength, corresponding to 0.1 nanometres
(10-10 m), and which was accepted as an international unit with the name ångström.

EPS Historic Site
Rasmus Nordin, descendant of the sixth generation to Anders Jonas Ångström and Petra Rudolf, president of European Physical Society reveals the memorial stone to Anders Jonas Ångström’s honor. Photo: Camilla Thulin.
The memorial stone in Anders Jonas Ångström’s honor.
The memorial stone in Anders Jonas Ångström’s
honor. Photo: Camilla Thulin.

The inauguration took place at Thunbergsvägen 3, outside old Fysikum in the English Park, where Anders Jonas Ångström worked. The inauguration took place in connection to the conference Nordic Physics Days, held digitally on August 4-6, 2021. The conference was arranged jointly by the National Physical Societies in the Nordic countries and was organised by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University.

The purpose of the Nordic Physics Days, which usually are held every second year in one of the Nordic countries, is to promote Nordic collaboration in the field of physics and highlight current advances in physics, that affect our worldview and contribute to societal development.

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Camilla Thulin

Translation: Johan Wall

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