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Until March 15, 2021, you can submit your application. The Department of Physics and Astronomy has 14 summer courses this year.

Below you can see which summer courses the department offers:

Physics and Finance 2021/2022 – Uppsala University

This course discusses similarities of concepts and methods in finance and physics in order to enhance cross-fertilisation of these fields. The course contains portfolio theory and constrained optimization, relations between stochastic differential equations, regression models, time series and forecasting. Bubbles, crashes and path integrals in physics and finance is also part of the course.

Medical Physics, Orientation 2021/2022 – Uppsala University

This course gives knowledge about the importance of physics for medical diagnostics and treatment. The course deals with, among other things, laser-based methods, ultrasound, nuclear spin resonance dependent methods (for example MRI), PET, boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), X-rays, chemical-physical analysis methods.

The Scientific Worldview 2021/2022 – Uppsala University

Researchers within natural science present research findings in seminar form that touch upon questions we humans cannot give answers to today but which are essential to our worldview. For example, there will be discussed black holes, life, intelligence, time, space, consciousness, evolution, logic, chaos and order.

Computational Reactor Physics with Python 2021/2022 – Uppsala University

The course Computational reactor physics with Python is for you who want to understand the basics of reactor physics and applied nuclear physics while at the same time improving your programming skills. In the course, you will, among other things, learn how to simulate reactor-physical processes and schematically design nuclear engineering systems.

Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 2021/2022 – Uppsala University

For more than fifty years, humanity has searched for signals from extraterrestrial civilisations and more than once also sent out their own messages in space. The course is about the scientific search for intelligent life beyond Earth and treats questions like: How does the search work? How are the messages we send designed? Does the lack of contact mean that we are alone in the Milky Way, or rather that we are searching in the wrong way? Can one travel between the stars? Why are not UFO reports accepted as evidence that aliens already are visiting us?

Optical and Photonic Techniques with Applications in Research and Industry 2021/2022 – Uppsala University

Light is life. Optical and photonic technologies have transformed our society and in this overview course we will discuss the latest developments in optics and photonics. The course is broad and ranges from X-ray lasers and attosecond physics to optics of quantum materials and solar cells. The focus of the course is on active learning through discussions in small groups, work on research mini-projects and interactive self-study with specially designed optics apps. The course provides a broad overview of modern optics and applications in science and industry.

The Structure of the Universe 2021/2022 – Uppsala University

Astronomical concepts. Telescopes and astronomical observations. Electromagnetic radiation. Stellar properties. Stellar energy production. Stellar evolution. Stellar deaths and remnants. Other compact objects. Basic general and special relativity. The interstellar medium and star formation. The Milky Way Galaxy. Other galaxies and clusters of galaxies. Basic astroparticle physics. Big Bang and the early universe.

Waves and Optics 2021/2022 – Uppsala University

Basic concepts within wave physics, mechanical/acoustical waves, electromagnetic waves and optics. Training in written and oral presentation in connection with physics, science and technology.

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