Laboratory Exercises at a Distance


During the spring 2020, Matthias Weiszflog, Applied Nuclear Physics, and Inga Goetz, Materials Physics, have held laboratory exercises with students at a distance.

The students have through instructions to the teachers controlled what the teachers have done in the lab. In most cases it has worked relatively well to hold the laboratory exercises from a distance and from the most positive students they have received the following feedback:

“But wow how well this works, to do a lab at a distance,” says a student.

To hold laboratory exercises from a distance though, is much more time consuming than to hold them in place and they estimate that the time consumption is approximately one third greater, even though the lab time for the students becomes shorter.

“It is more demanding that in 60 minutes follow instructions than to give students 4 hours to reach the same result,” says Matthias Weiszflog.

See a video with an online laboratory exercise in thermodynamics with Mattias Weiszflog and Inga Goetz (in Swedish)

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