Welcome to 2019 inaugural lectures and the inauguration of professors ceremony


On 15 November more than 20 new professors will be inaugurated at Uppsala University at a formal ceremony in the Grand Auditorium. Each will describe their research in short lectures in the University Main Building on 12–15 November. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Grand Auditorium
The new professors will be inaugurated in the Grand Auditorium on 15 November.
Photograph: David Naylor

Learn more about research on everything from childbirth, leukaemia, solar cells, new materials, artificial intelligence and legal truths to the history of the Swedish language, medical image analysis, nature’s solutions to the energy problem and much more ...

The complete lecture programme for 12–15 November 2019
(most lectures are in Swedish, some in English)

Read about the research the new professors are conducting

In conjunction with the inauguration ceremony, Uppsala University also presents the University’s innovation prize (Hjärnäpplet) and the Distinguished Teaching Awards.

The lectures and inauguration are open to the public. No tickets are needed for the lectures. For the inauguration, you can obtain free tickets in the University Main Building stairwell from 10:00 on Thursday 14 November, until 15:00 on Friday 15 November.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Contact: akademiskafester@uadm.uu.se

Additional information about the inauguration of professors

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