Manifold possibilities

With its four particle accelerators, the Tandem Laboratory maintains a unique infrastructure within the Nordics with capabilities within ion beam materials analysis and modification. Below you find a more detailed description of our accelerators. Under Methods (left) you can get a short overview of the most important experimental methods available at the laboratory.

5 MV NEC Pelletron Overview Pelletron

Beam line 1: High resolution hydrogen depth profiling
Beam line 2: Microbeam analysis 
Beam line 3: Accelerator mass spectrometry
Beam line 4: Ion beam analysis
Beam line 5: Ion irradiations
Beam line 6: In-situ thin film growth/modification

implanter chamber350 kV high-current implanter

Beam line 1: (this page is under construction)
Beam line 2: A system for high-resolution depth profiling of thin films
Beam line 3: A multi-purpose scattering chamber for low-energy ion beam analysis applications

MICADAS sketch micadas

MICADAS is a dedicated compact mass spectrometer with a single beamline specifically developed for high accuracy carbon-14 dating.

detali ToF-LEISTime-of-Flight Low energy ion scattering system

This instrument features a single beamline for highly surface-sensitive chemical composition analysis.

Last modified: 2023-11-07